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Hallo, Manana!
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Les Podervianskiy

"The pattern of relations between a warrior and Nothingness is called art.
Art, just as the "cold" existence of the warrior, is exhibited for general viewing. It is a projection of the warrior's soul, and it surmounts space and time.
It is passion without the willingness. It is contemplation without self-absorption. It is an act, not a reference to it. It is the mastery of technique, the means for attaining freedom."
L. Podevianskiy

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Hallo, Manana!
1985, oil on canvas

The King and The Queen
1993, oil on canvas

Judith and Olophern
1992, oil on canvas


Born in 1952 in Kiev.
In 1976 graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute.
Since 1980 - member of the Artists' Union of Ukraine.
Lives and works in Kiev.
Works are kept in: State Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine, Art Museum, Voronezh, Russia, Ukrainian Cultural Fund, Kyiv, Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, Kyiv, Artists' Union of Ukraine, Kyiv, Russian Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Artists' Union of Russia, Moscow Gallery "Glasnost", Nurnberg, BRD Gallery "Raissa", Erfurt, BRD, Private collections in Ukraine, Russia, BRD, Sweden, Great Britain

1989 - "Metamorphoses". Museum of History of Kyiv. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1990 - Gallery "Raissa", Multikulturelles Zentrum. Erfurt, Germany.
1991 - Gallery "Glasnost". Nurnberg, Germany.
1992 - Vesta-Gallery, Museum of Russian Art.. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Mercury Globe Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.